Aircraft technical seats

Backed by over half a century of expertise, Safran Seats sells technical seats for use in the flight deck and by commercial aviation crews. Its product range combines quality, comfort and innovation.

Our solutions

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Crew seating

Safran Seats' new ZENKERI® seats are designed for cabin crews and flight crews. They incorporate innovative patented technologies and features, such as technical textiles, shock-absorption systems and composite materials. These innovative technologies have made it possible to significantly reduce their weight while still guaranteeing high reliability and making them considerably more comfortable.

Earlier generations of seating, such as the KUDOS® series, can receive ongoing technical upgrades through customization, harmonization and regular revisions to extend their operating lifetime. Other studies can be carried out on the existing fleet on request.

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Pilot seating

A major supplier of flight deck equipment, Safran Seats has been developing and producing complete pilot seats since 1961. The design of these seats and the tried-and-tested materials making up their structures are designed to allow ample scope for customization and enable the integration of function command systems suited to the flight deck requirements.

Safran Seats' ability to guarantee maximum comfort and added-value functions in a confined space such as the cockpit qualify it to act as a preferred partner for commercial aviation.

Safran Seats also operates on older seats to extend their life time and increase their reliability.

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