Zodiac Seats UK collaborative design project with University of West England

Over the past few months Zodiac Seats UK's Business Development Department has been working with the University of West of England to provide their final year students the opportunity to experience a real life design industry project. 
The brief given to the students was to ‘"Design an aircraft cabin interior seating environment, for use primarily by professionals on long haul flights, which balances the needs of both the end user (passenger) and the airline (buyer)."
The full brief was designed carefully to provide a level of freedom that would allow genuinely new ideas, but an undertone of realism to steer the students towards a concept that may actually be possible to realise. To ensure that all creative and technical aspects were considered, all teams had a mixture of both creative product and product design technology students. Recently the students visited the ZSUK facility and presented their final concepts to both their lecturers and members of ZSUK's Business Development Department who were very impressed by the high standard of work produced from the students. Rob Gow commented, "Many of the concepts generated present real value to the company and it will now be exciting to see if and how they may be developed and incorporated into actual Zodiac Aerospace products." 
The winning team will visit the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo this year, as a guest of Zodiac Aerospace, providing the students with the opportunity to experience this fantastic event and further increase their industry knowledge.
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