Innovation for the future at Safran Seats

Technological shifts, new passenger expectations, emerging business models... The aeronautics industry is evolving fast. In this changing environment, Safran Seats strongly believes innovation is the best way to bridge the gap between the airlines needs for increased revenues & reduced costs, and the passengers needs for a landmark flight experience where comfort & features combination reflect the promise of the airline's brand.

For that matter, Safran Seats is heavily investing in the future, in continuous search of the latest solutions to support airlines' strategy and to improve the passenger experience.

High performance products & services to serve the future

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Safran Seats leverages its technological expertise in materials, processes, simulation, manufacturing engineering along with the expertise of the wider Safran group to design products and services which are the cornerstone of the growth and competitiveness of its customers.

The company's Research & Development effort support the design of seats pursuing two objectives:

  • Offering an enriched passenger experience served by a high level of comfort, a variety of product features fit for the operational use of the product, and a high level of perceived quality
  • Delivering products which are safer, more comfortable, easier to use, easier to manufacture & operate, more qualitative, more reliable, and more efficient in terms of energy consumption, thanks to their lighter weight and more limited electricity usage.

Our technologies

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At Safran Seats, more than 800 engineers and specialists apply their know-how within the specialized areas of expertise of comfort, ergonomics, industrial design, connectivity and perceived quality of the products.

Safran Seats' technological advancement focuses on two main domains:

  • Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Processes (plastics, composites, metals, fabrics, additive manufacturing etc.) to make the best out of any material capabilities in our products and their manufacturing.
  • Digital technologies, in terms of the passenger experience (seat control interfaces, smart self-adapting systems for passenger seats), crew efficiency (automated devices indicating whether or not the seats are ready for take-off or landing, etc.) and maintenance (monitoring of seat conditions via sensors, etc.).
active patents approximately
additional patents issued every year


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