Safran Seats USA - A wide range of passenger seats ranging from economy to domestic business class

Zodiac Seats US site, Gainesville, exterior view

Safran Seats USA is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Safran Seats and offers a full range of passenger seats for economy, premium economy and domestic business class.

Passenger comfort is the core concern of airline companies. In order to meet this requirement Safran Seats US designs, manufactures, certifies and assembles innovatory, high added value seats , offering the best possible cabin density without impacting passenger comfort.

Ergonomics at the heart of seat design

The range of Safran Seats USA products includes economy, business and first-class seats intended for commercial and short-haul aircraft. 

Ergonomics and connectivity but also the problems relating to changing in the population (aging, obesity, etc.) are taken into consideration in the design of all the products. 

A presence in the USA

The head office of Safran Seats USA has always been in Gainesville (Texas, United States) and employs more than 1,320 people.

It includes a wide range of activities: engineering, tests, certification, manufacturing, assembly and production of spare parts.

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